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MedSysB is an integrated Hospital Management System for Healthcare organizations. This ERP streamlines the hospital processes and provides optimal services at low-investment-pain and low-response-time leading to quality patient care and services. It captures complete administrative processes and patients’ medicines & clinical information in the granular detail at every point of hospital operations.

Why Medsys-B
  • Easy Unique GUI
  • The uniquely designed user interface makes it different, best and extremely user friendly.

  • Secure Access
  • It gives a secure system access from any internet-connected computer or within a LAN using a unique username and password.

  • Amazing Range of Services
  • Our company provides a wide range of services like Support, Installation and Training services.

  • Scalable
  • MedsysB Plus is completely scalable to cope of with the growth of hospital to work on both Intranet and Internet.

  • Customized & Comprehensive Reports
  • Various reports are generated based on the needs of the hospital. Reports are exported to multiple file formats like MS Word, MS Excel and Acrobat Format (PDF).

  • Customer Support
  • Customer support team with experts of professionals is always ready to solve all clients’ problems as they arise through mail or telephone.

  • User Friendly
  • Any new user can quickly learn to use this software. We also provide a detailed user manual for quick reference.

  • Affordable Cost
  • Clients can buy this software with a minimal saving cost to use more features of hospital.

  • Improved Profitability and Patient Satisfaction
  • The completely integrated application ensures seamless flow of data thus helping the management to collect, disseminate and analyze the information and provides cash flow reports. The application also aids in doctor-patient interaction and improves the patient communication with the doctors and vice versa.

  • Improved Security and User control
  • The advanced role-based access model and architecture incorporates a flexible security matrix defining the users and their permissions within each module. This ensures that only care providers with the proper authorization have access to patient information.

  • Latest technology
  • MedsysB Plus is based on the latest Microsoft .Net technology c for enhanced user interface.

  • Managerial Tool
  • Good managerial tool to provide total, cost-effective access to complete and more accurate patient care data to offer improved performance and enhanced functions.

  • Highly secured
  • Authentication and verification is used in MedsysB. Only authorized persons can access and work with the product.

  • Effective Search Facility
  • Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patient transaction details.

  • NABH (National Accreditation for health and healthcare workers) /NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories ) Accreditation.
  • ICD - 1O Compliance

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